Terms and Conditions:

These are the additional terms and conditions that contain the operating parameters of VRMV (Vacation Rental MV, LLC), the guests of VRMV, and the Owners of the properties that VRMV Leases.


For all

Vacation Rental MV, LLC is a booking service. We make it easier for owners to connect with guests across various platforms. This includes our own #bookdirect website where Guests can secure lodging at the lowest available prices and also various Online Travel Agencies (“OTA”) such as Airbnb and VRBO. We introduce Owners to Guests and facilitate their communications. We are not a licensed Real Estate Brokerage and we do not make legal representations about either the Guest or the Owner. We shall use our best efforts to ensure that all of our Owner’s properties are as pictured and described. Guests book their stay using a Lease which is a legal contract between the Owner and the Guest. The guest provides a method of payment that is pre-paid and subject to the cancellation terms within the Lease.


For Owners

Owners promise that their property is as described on their Onboarding Forms. If there is any material change in the property after onboarding and before a guest’s arrival, the owner shall notify VRMV and the Guest of the same.

Owners shall maintain a property manual that is located on their property website at www.vacationrentalmv.com. This manual shall be kept up to date and any material changes promptly brought to the attention of VRMV by email. Guest satisfaction with TV controls, trash days, and door codes is essential to a properly presented vacation rental property. Caretaker and vendor contact information must be current and accurate.


For Guests

Guests shall observe the lease and the house rules for the Unit they are renting. Guests shall treat the Unit as if it was their own property and attempt to return it to the Owner in as good or better condition than they found it, minor wear and tear accepted. Guest acknowledges that Owner is entrusting guest with their property that is a major part of their wealth and represents thousands of hours of labor. In order for the Owner to continue to rent to Guests Owner has to be ensured that the Guests will treat their property with respect and care. This is the primary responsibility of the Guest and all of the people traveling with the guest.