Process for Securing your Vacation Rental Home

Dear Guest or Prospective Guest:

This is a page dedicated to information regarding booking your chosen vacation home on Martha’s Vineyard. It is designed to handle everything from the initial inquiry to the return of your security deposit after your stay.


To start the booking process please use our Reservation Form to Create a Booking Request or Send an Inquiry to get a quote


Once you have your quote you can agree and sign the Renter Agreement

When you open the quote link you will see the details, dates, and prices. At the bottom of the form, you will see

“Looks Good!  Finish Booking”

You  enter your information then click

“Continue to Renter Agreement”

Review the agreement and sign

If you want to see a Sample PDF copy of the lease and the house manual click below.

Click Here for Sample Lease


You can pay by several methods without surcharges such as Personal Check or Wire

You can also pay by Visa or MC but a 3% service charge will apply

Once your payment is received at our bank your reservation is complete

D – Who will run the house?

With a large group, it is important to have someone in charge. You, the guest signing the lease, can personally take all of the responsibility for the rental and guest questions during your stay. After all, it is your security deposit. You may not want to take on this responsibility directly. Some tenants choose to delegate this to one or more of their guests. We call this person the “House Captain”. The chief responsibility of the House Captain is to read the House Manual and assist fellow guests during their visit with. Although I would encourage everyone to read the manual it is impractical to expect all guests, especially children, to read the manual. The House Captain becomes the responsible person in charge of the crew. The House Captain (or Captains)  should also be knowledgeable of technical matters for the internet, stereo, and thermostat questions among others. All you need to do to include people into the Captain’s role is to share their email and we will CC them on all correspondence.

House Captain

We recommend that you save the manual onto your iPad or phone for easy access. To do this open the document in Safari or Chrome. Choose the Square Icon with the arrow going up. Select the Glasses Icon to add to Reading List. You will then have a copy of the manual you can access by clicking on the book and selecting the Glasses Search Icon.

From time to time I will send all our tenants email blasts with important information in order to not have to do individual emails. Make sure you view any newsletter from us and please set your spam filters to accept our emails. Please forward any pertinent information to your House Captain.

Let us know if you have any further questions.