All About Vacation Rental MV

Vacation Rental MV is a bespoke property rental manager specializing in Martha’s Vineyard. We work with property owners to help them book their properties. Our specialty is customer service to both our owners and guests throughout the year. We work hard to gather five-star reviews and improve the experiences for all. Guests will find properties for their budget accurately presented and superbly prepared for their vacation. Owners will find their homes improved and their rental business more profitable and enjoyable.

VRMV was started in the spring of 2008 by Platt Johnson. Platt is a longtime summer resident of Martha’s Vineyard and now visits the island from early spring until late fall. 

VRMV was founded to complement the traditional Real Estate rental business. We seek to specialize in rentals and fit into the niche between the Realtor and the 3rd party OTA (Online Travel Agency) and serve the homeowner at a lower cost and with better technology. Our unique platform generated over ¾ of a million dollars in our first 6 months. We have automated all aspects of the VR business from customer inquiry through stay to reviews and owner payouts.

Customer Service and Property Management

  • Becoming familiar with the properties we manage by doing site visits.
  • Establishing relationships with our owners.
  • Managing the flow of business in the website dashboard we use
  • Responding to guest inquiries
  • Ensure that bookings are done properly and paid on time
  • Ensuring that all aspects of check-in and check out run smoothly
  • Gathering reviews from guests post-stay
  • Run owner payout reports
  • Pay owners

Sales and Marketing

  • Sales and Marketing Guests – fulfillment Marketing our properties to potential guests
  • General Social Media content sponsored by VRMV
  • Maintaining guest satisfaction through excellent service
  • Building repeat guest stays
  • Converting guests to homeowners

Advantages for going Exclusive

To unlock these following benefits VRMV needs to be the hub for all interactions. This does not mean that traditional Realtors are locked out. Realtors can still book their guests and earn their commissions, they just need to do so through the VRMV platform.
Here are some key benefits.
  • We use an algorithm to price out properties so that your property is never priced too high or too low
  • Our calendar is always in real-time.
  • Guests and Realtors can always see what dates are available at any time, day or night.
  • Our booking is first come first served. Guests and Realtors can both book the property without phone calls or asking if it is available.
  • You can see data at a glance. See exactly what is booked and available using our Owner Portal.
  • Control blocked-off dates easily direct from your portal.
  • All team members, caretakers, and cleaners have access to automated tools to always know what cleaning jobs and turnovers are upcoming. This will make everyone’s job easier.
The properties we list do better by unleashing algorithmic pricing and by allowing lower minimum stays. This replaces the current realtor system of fixed prices for full weeks.

Business Organization and Facilities

  • Massachusetts LLC
  • Trust Checking Account for owner client business
  • Operating Checking Account for VRMV
  • Website URL for several incoming search optimizations
  • Dedicated Local phone number optimized for local search with custom call forwarding
  • Shared Email for lead and task sharing
  • Complete Quickbooks Desktop financial setup with Multi User capability
  • Social Media and SEO optimization through Hootsuite
  • 3,000 person list of highly qualified prior leads
  • 700 person list of qualified property owners
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Profit Sharing Plan
  • Growth Potential You can work on a commission, salary or combination of the two
  • Email Us to Ask about Employment

Vacation Rental MV, LLC

80 North Water Street Po Box #34

Edgartown, MA  0539



508-693-0809 text or voice

508-928-8768 fax